Discover Technology Through Creative Tinkering

From AI aided robotic surgeries to terrain mapping smart nano-satellites, technology has allowed mankind to serve those in need. We drafted a highly creative marathon, challenging potential and performance of the participants to generate amazing outcomes!

Features of the Program

We believe that learning without getting your hands dirty i.e. without practically building stuff won't help in long run. In this era of Rockets and Robots, one needs to understand the importance of practical knowledge and we'll make sure that you are set into field.

Interactive Learning

This hackathon will allow students to learn and build products. We want this to be even for all. So we provide live and interactive sessions that allow the students to clear their doubts, interact with mentors so as to maintain the same pace.

Tech and Design

Students will be introduced to latest technologies like AI/ML, IOT and basic concepts of programming. They will also be taught the principles behind sketching a wireframe for a product. Students will also learn about design principles.

Skill Development

Besides learning, this hackathon will inculcate the students with analytic, creative and supervising mindset. Students will learn to produce and project their thoughts and ideas; from understanding the problem and prototyping to presentation.

Benefits to Students

We aim to focus on the absolute and overall development of students. Our hackathon will teach the importance of competition and how to deal with it. Students will learn various concepts which are at the top demand in the market and impletment them in a practical way. All of this will add up to improve the analytical thinking, presentation and management skills.

About Us

With a dream this big, come big responsibilities, which our team is used to handle. Meet the co-founders!

Golam Wahid Kaderi


Aditya Krishna Gupta